Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sick Day #2

Since I was sick yesterday I spent the afternoon catching up on my TV shows, which meant I was finally able to watch the The Bachelor "Women Tell All" and all I have to say is WOW!!! Roz is just a bit much for me to handle! When she went all Cray on Chris H. I just didn't know what to do with myself!!! In case you missed it...

Fast Forward to 6:15...she is a crazy!!!

Clearly when she swore on her child's life we all knew she lying!!! How redonk!

Next week is the final episode...which means...Who will Jake pick? I personally think that he would be better off with Tenley, but something tells me that he will pick Vienna. But like I said before, it is most likely fake anyways, so I guess it really doesn't matter. Maybe he won't pick anyone!!

For all of my Bachelor watching peeps...who do you think will win?

Well I am off to watch some more TV and movies...I am still at home sick!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Productive Sick Day

I am sick today, so what do I do with all of my time...Wedding Stuff!

We have set a date and booked the church!

We will be getting married on February 26th, 2011 at my home church.

Maybe I am bias, but I think my Church is so pretty!

So that's all the planning I have done right now, but I will keep you posted when more gets done!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, February 22, 2010

He put a RING on it!

That's right...I'm Engaged!!!

On Friday Gabe asked me to be is bride and I said yes!

Friday morning we got up and watched TV and then went to lunch. Right after lunch I had to run a few errands so Gabe stayed at my house to wash clothes and do some work. When I got back home I went into the den where Gabe was and on the coffee table were two cards, one was a valentines day card and one for our anniversary. Gabe told me to open the V-day one first so I did. I then opened the other card. Gabe had written some super sweet things in the card and at the very end of the card it said "I know I want to spend of the rest of my life with YOU". When I looked up he pulled the ring out and asked me to be his bride...the first thing I said was "seriously"...then I said "yes" and he then put the ring on my finger!!! I was totally surprised!!! We then called our family and friends to let them know the great news...Emily M. def wins greatest reaction...let's just say it took about 30mins for me to get my hearing back!

I love surprises, but it is hard to surprise because I am kinda nosy, so he did a really great job! He told me that he was going to get in around 5:30ish on Thursday but actually he got into Atlanta early afternoon on Thursday so he could have lunch with my dad and ask him if he could marry me...what a sneak!!!

Here is my bling...I LOVE it!!!

Please excuse my old lady hands!!

I have some more pictures from Friday on my home computer so I will upload those later!

We haven't set the date yet, but we are pretty sure that it will be either 2/19/11 or 2/26/11.

I can't wait to really start planning!!!! Any advice is welcome!

I will keep you update on wedding plans as they get made!

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I promise I am not slack blogger...just super busy right now!

Hello from Texas!!!!

That's right, I am in San Antonio (where it is 68 at the moment) at a trade show! I must say...I love my job, I love what I sell, but I don't love talking about it from 9-6! Every 20-40 minutes I give the same speech over and over again, lets just say it is a bit redundant! But enough about work...

To those that watch the Bachelor...WTF was Jake thinking....Seriously?!? Vienna over Gia? But whatever! It probably is all fake, but I still love the drama! Next week is the tell all episode...can't wait to hear what Roz has to say!!! For those of you that don't watch the Bachelor, you should, and Roz is the one that "entered into an inappropriate relationship with a staffer"! DRAMA DRAMA!!!!

So before I forget...please let me tell you all about my ATL airport experience on Monday! I love flying. To me flying is so much more relaxing than driving. However, this trip was rather stressful, but the thing is, I really don't know why! So I get to the airport 2 hours before my flight, thanks daddy, and go check in and check my bag. I normally do not check a bag, but this trip called for it as I was taking some samples. I check in at the self check in and then go stand in line to check my bag. When I finally get to the front of the line three people cut in front of me to check theirs...thank goodness a new line opened up or I was going to have to go cray cray on someone :) Then I head to security, which is by far my favorite part of the ATL airport, JK JK! For some reason every mom, baby, and stroller was flying Monday and well...I HATE STROLLERS (no offense to the moms out there)!!! Some how I manage to get behind a woman with a double stroller, a toddler, and a new this point I am thinking I really hope they move them through to the scanner thing but no...just not that lucky. So what felt like 30 mins later I finally make through. Then I get on the train, where mommy and babies grace me with their presence again! At this point I am thinking/praying, please do not let them be on my plane! Well God was on my side Monday and they weren't! So I get to the gate and everything gose great until I get on the plane. The plane was a small Delta ASA plane, so you really need to make sure that you pack light and plane side check your larger bag. Well, the woman sitting next to me didn't get that memo! She has a very large Vera B. roller bag a Vera B. laptop bag and very fug purse, but I am not judging! I had the aisle seat so I got up to let her in and she proceeds to shove her giant vera bag under the seat then puts her laptop bag on top of her feet, where it proceeded to fall on my feet/legs every 2 secs. Finally, once we are allowed, she took out her this point I say to my self...if she pulls out a MAC she might be able to redeem herself, but no she pulls out a dell..nuf said! She then watches "Couples Retreat"...has anyone seen it, if so is it any good? So I then listen to my ipod and take a nap. The rest we pretty much okay...minus the cab ride that almost killed me TWICE, but I will save that one for later!!!!

Well I am off to go get my free drinks and food!

Have a great day!

PS- The boy is coming this weekend, actually I get to see him in about 27 hours, so I will most likely not blog before Monday!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Bachelor

Sorry for my lack of post, it has been a busy week!!!

I have never watched the Bachelor before, but for some reason I thought I would give it a shot this season. I would not classify the show as great, but def entertaining! Jake has narrowed his selection down to three girls and next week they will be hitting the island of St. Lucia...oh how I want to go there!

These chicks are CRAY CRAY!!!! Seriously...two hours into the pilot and they are already "In Love" with Jake...puhhleeessseee! just need to watch it! Hulu has them online!

Anyways, the point to this post is to let all of my Bachelor watching readers know about this...

This girl recaps ever episode and it is hilarious! You will need to start back at the beginning of this season, but trust me when I say it is worth your time!

Thank you Lindsey for sharing this with me and giving me yet another distraction from work...oh how I love you!

I will leave you with my favorite moment from this weeks episode...when Ali falls on the ground crying make me fall out of my chair laughing!

Have a great Thursday!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Look what I made!

Yup I made this, and the best part is that I did it with duck tape and staples!

All you need is a 20"x37" piece of heavyweight fabric (such as canvas, vinyl, patent leather, etc) masking tape, a nylon webbing for the handles, staples and stapler, and duct tape (of a matching or complementary color) .

Once you cut the fabric you fold the right sides together to create a 20"x 18.5" rectangle, with the fold at the bottom.

You then fold the top edges over 2" to make a hem and hold it in place with masking tape. You will cut the nylon to create two 25" straps. You will take the straps and put them 6" from the edge of the bag, on each side. You will staple the strap through the folded edge only, that way the staples don't show on the outside of the bag. Once you have stapled both sides of the strap you will duct tape the edge down, covering up the staples and making sure the hem is secure.

You will then sew up the sides by stapling them. You will start at the bottom and continue to the top. You will want to make each staple very close together and about 1/2" in from the edge. Once you have stapled up both sides you will then cover them with duct tape to hide the staples.

Then you flip the bag right side out and you have your self a brand new tote bag!

Here are a few more pics from the project.

All in all the bag took about 30 mins to make.

I got this idea from a book called "Simply Sublime Bag, 30 No Sew and Low Sew projects". I read that it really helps to understand the mechanics behind making a bag so I thought this would be a good place to start!

There are several others that I want to make as well, so I will keep you posted on those!

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!