Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm going INSANE!

Literally!!! I am starting the Insanity Workout this week! They say that this workout is the hardest workout ever put on a DVD! It also says that you can have a beach body in 60 days if you are fully committed! If you don't know anything about the workout here is a little preview for you...

I am actually excited about this! The past few days have been really nice outside and have made me long for the beach and pool, but the thought of me in a bathing suit kinda makes me want to vom! I am not expecting unrealistic results, as in a 6 pack in 60 days, but I'm hoping to get in shape and toned!

I hope it works...we will see in 60 days!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Thursday Nights

As if ABC didn't take up enough of my time on Thursday nights, they went added this jewel...

The Deep End is like Grey's, but with lawyers...LOVE IT!

Also, ABC has sucked me into "The Bachelor" this year. I have never watched this show, but I am hooked...Luckily it comes on Monday nights!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Counthing down the days

In 4 weeks from today on February 18th I get to see the BF again! As some of you know the boyfriend is a professional "Frat Star". He is an expansion and recruitment consultant for his fraternity, which basically means that he gets to go to college again and not have to study (boy does he live the life)! He started this job right after college and has been traveling ever since! Right now he is in Louisiana working on a project until May. I know that some days I complain about the distance, but all in all it has been really good for us! Anyways, I am SUPER pumped!!! February 18th is also our 4 year anniversary, so that will make the day even better!!

Is it Friday yet? I am so ready for the weekend!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend deals!

On Friday I "traveled" to Atlanta for work, which I love, because it always give me an excuse to hit up the ATL TJMAXX's. The closest TJMAXX to the Griff is about 20-30 mins away and well lets just say it is lacking in its inventory! So I hit up the max off Howell Mill, and I got two Lilly Pulitzer shirts for $25.00 each (originally $68), and I also got a Lilly sweater for $30 (originally $98). I think I did pretty well there!

On Saturday my parents and I were supposed to go to the outlet mall in North GA, but when it started pouring, we opted to just go to Atlanta and shop. We had lunch at Watershed, which I highly recomend, and then went shopping! I was kinda sad that we didn't get to go to the outlet, but things started looking up when I found these babies on sale!

To make it even better, my wonderful mother bought them for me!! I have the best mom ever!!!!

On a none deal related note I saw "The Lovely Bones" yesterday...I have to say...I was very dissapointed to say the least. I didn't read the book, but had always heard great things, so I was hoping that the movie would be good too. Not so much!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

5 Things I want to do by the end of 2010

I typically hate "new years resolutions", but this year I have a few goals I would like to accomplish before 2011.

1. Learn to sew. I have a sewing machine, and I have made a few pillows, but all in all I don't know how to use it! I really want to take a class and learn to do more with it! If anyone has any suggestions on where I can take a class please let me know!

2. Take more pictures. Photography has been a passion of mine since high school, but since getting into the "real world" taking pictures has kinda been put on the back burner! I have a super nice camera and two really nice lenses, so this year I would like to really get to know it and use it! This is my super awesome camera that I need to learn more about!
3. I want to run a half marathon. Which means...I need to start running!

4. Get organized. My parents have recently gone on a "purging/cleaning" spree and that has inspired me to get with it! I need to get rid of things, MANY things! I think I am going to sell some things on ebay, so not only will it free up some space in my house, it will give me some $$$!!!

5. Save money!

I will keep you updated on my goals as the year progresses!

I hope you have a great day!

PS- Gray's come back on tonight!!!! I am sooo excited!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Top 10 reasons to live in the south!!!!

I love all things southern! I am firm believer that the best place in the world to live is below the Mason Dixon line. I also do not count Florida as a southern state, because you will most likely just find old people from the north there (sorry to those who love/ live in Florida). I was born and raised in a small town in GA by two people who were born and raised in Savannah, GA so needless to say southern runs in my blood. When I was a senior in high school and looking at colleges my only deal breaker was that the school had to be in the south. So true to form my top 4 schools were Presbyterian College in SC, Sewanee, The University of the South, in TN, Auburn, and Alabama. I got into all four but choose to go to PC and never regretted that decision, as it only proved my love for all this southern and fratty! So without further ado here are my top 10 reason to live in the south...

1. Sweet Tea

2. Pearls...yes I know these can be found anywhere, but in the south they are part of our everyday attire.

3. Charleston, SC...enough said

4. East coast beaches, only a true southern would love them over the gulf.

5. College football, especially the SEC.

6. Fashion Rules. To those that do not know what these are I will give you a few examples...

*ABSOLUTY NO white after labor day and before Easter, this rule also applies to Lilly, unless it is "winter white" or fall/winter Lilly.

*Blue on Blue is a no go!!!

*No denim on denim.

*Brown and black do not go together...please note brown and tan are two different colors. Tan and black go great together! The ONLY exception to this rule is jackets...you can wear a black jacket with brown and vice versa.

7. Bow Ties and Seersucker

8. In most places in the south you can get to the beach or the mountains in pretty much the same amount of time.

9. Screen Porches

10. One word...Hospitality

So with that I will leave you with this cute quote about southern girls...

"A southern girl is a girl who knows full and well that she can open a door for herself but prefers for the gentleman to do it because it demonstrates a sense of respect. After all, every girl wants to be treated like a princess. We know how to make sweet tea and grits while telling you everything about any football team in the SEC. We pick our battles and fight with the heart of a pit bull while still maintaining grace and elegance. Our mystique is that of a soft-spoken, mild-mannered southern bell who could direct an army, loves her momma and will always be daddy's little girl."

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 11, 2010

A peak into my charmed southern life

I am 23

I graduated from Presbyterian College(PC) in May of 2008 with a degree in Psychology. Right after graduation I moved to the big ATL and got my frist "Big Girl" job and my first apartment. The job just wasn't for me...So I quit and moved back to my home town (45 mins south of ATL) and got "Big Girl" job #2, which I LOVE!

I have the best family in the whole world!

I have the greatest boyfriend a girl could ask for...and yes he is better than yours!

I have AMAZING friends...I wish we lived closer!

I miss college a lot, but I do like living on my own!

I am a dog person, but as of last month I have a cat...she was a rescue!

I love all things southern!

So...that's me in a nut shell...hope to see you tomorrow!