Friday, June 11, 2010

Watch out Lilly land....Here I come!!

In about 7ish hours I will be boarding a plane to head to Philly to see my good friend and bridesmaid Lindsey! We will be heading to the Lilly warehouse sale early Saturday morning and I am SOOOO EXCITED! For those that don't know me, half of my closet is Lilly! I love Lilly and it is my personal belief that a girl can never have too much Lilly...or purses or shoes for that matter :)

Lilly Pulitzer can transform an ordinary day into pure happiness!

Here are a couple of my fave patterns!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!!!

I also want to give a shout out to another bridesmaid Emily...She turned 25 today!!!!! LOVE YOU EMILY!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And I 'm back!

Sorry I have been MIA for the past week...I was out in California for my cousins wedding and then I had Jury Duty Monday and Tuesday of this week, so needless to say I have been kinda busy!

Last Wednesday my mom, dad and I flew out to San Fransisco for a few days before my cousins wedding in Redwood Valley, CA. I only took a few pictures....ALMOST 1000! Here are a few!

Pictures from San Fransisco

On the way to the wedding we stopped at a fun!

Made it to the wedding location!!!

The Happy Couple on the way up from swimming in the lake

In our goodie bags, everyone got a mason jar to take to all of the events! Mine had rings on it!

My other cousin and his little girl

After dinner on Friday night, people changed in fun outfits/costumes

Jason and Kirbie were by far my favorite!
Addison was Jane Fonda!

Everyone enjoyed dancing!

Before the wedding festivities began my mom and dad took a hike and took some pretty cool pictures of a redwood circle. So pretty!

Day of the wedding!

The Bride getting her hair did!

This is my favorite picture of the weekend!

So sweet :)
Pretty Flowers

The rings

Their family!

The whole family

Pretty Sky on the way back down from the wedding

Listening to toasts

Steve (Groom) made this awesome cupcake stand...Loved it!

Yum Yum!
All in all the weekend was great! I am so happy for Mandy and Steve!!!

Updates on other aspects of life:

* I am getting married in less than 9 MONTHS!!!!! So freakin excited!!!!!!

* I just finished watching the 2 episode of The Bachelorette and I will post on it and the 3rd one soon.

* My iPad was delivered yesterday....LOVE IT!!!!!

* I am heading to Philly on Friday to visit Lindsey (bridesmaid)...we are going to go to the Lilly warehouse sale and going to look at some possible bridesmaids pumped!

* Hopefully I will have some more wedding updates next week!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's all about the shame, not the fame...

I was finally able to watch the first episode of The Bachelorette! All of have to say is people!

Ali...not my favorite! For a good bit of the Bachelor I really liked her! I thought should would have made Jake happy, but towards the end...She.Just.Got.So.Whiney! All she did was complain and talk about how Jake was the love of her life...BLAH BLAH's freakin TV...not! I digress!

Let's start from the beginning...

So the show starts off by giving some background info on Ali and why she is here (basically they recaped the end of the Bachelor)! She says that she regrets leaving The Bachelor for her job, which she now had quit to be on The Bachelorette, and she is hoping to find true love!

Then we meet the guys...honestly watching this show makes me understand men even less!!

Right now my two favorite guys are Frank and Roberto. I am on the fence about Craig M. I think I am going to like him, but at the same time he might start to annoy me...only time will tell :) I would talk more about the guys, but for the most part they all kinda bored me!

Roberto got the first impression rose, which made me happy!

ABC threw in a new addition...a rather large ballot box which I like to call... the"Let's prevent another Roz incident" box. Basically all of the guys are supposed to write the name of a guy they think might not be here for the right reasons...Oh the Drama! The overwhelming majority said to vote off Justin (the Pro Canadian Wrestler) , but Ali must have seen something in him, as she gave him the redemption rose, so he will be here another week!

All in all I think ABC and Ali are off to a great start...we shall see :) I will try and do an update on episode 2 tonight or tomorrow!

Peace, Love, and Roses!