Monday, November 29, 2010

Shutterfly...You are the BEST!

The word love doesn't even to begin to describe my feelings towards Shutterfly!!! I first started using shutterfly when I was in college. As most of you know I went to a small school in an even smaller town, which means there was NO WHERE to get a picture decently printed. Since I took 3+ years of photography classes, I am kinda a photo printing snob, so it was great that Shutterfly was able to met my printing needs! I love the fact that I can put what the picture is on the back, so years from now I will be able to remember exactly what it was from! I also love that I can keep all my pictures in one place and that all of my family and friends can check out my site and see every picture! This is def going to come in handy after the wedding (which on a said note is 96 days away :) ) . I also love the fact that the more I use them the more fun stuff I get!

With all of this being said the time is now upon us to pick our Christmas card! My mom and I were looking at the new 2010 Holiday Cards and I think this is our favorite! Now all we need is a great picture!

Next year the boy and I will be able to send out our very one Christmas Card! I can't wait!!!!

I also think the photobooks are such a great idea and gift! I have a feeling that we will be doing a few post wedding! You can check out the photobooks here!

All in all I give Shutterfly a 10 out of 10!