Wednesday, March 7, 2012

1 Year :)

I can't believe that yesterday was one year since Gabe and I said "I Do"! 

 It has been a crazy wonderful year and I can honestly say that I am more in love with Gabe today then ever!! 

In honor of our one year anniversary I am going to tell y'all a little bit about our wedding day. 

 Even though I lived in my own house in Griffin, I decided to spend the night at my parents house the night before the wedding.  My mom and I stayed up that that night just talking and laughing about life and of course the wedding!  The next morning my mom and I got up and headed out to the tent. We took our cups of coffee outside and walked around looking at the amazing decorations that had already been set up.  When you plan an event for a year, and it all come together, it is kinda like magic!! 

After walking around the tent we heading back in to get ready for the wedding day brunch!  Since Gabe and I didn't see each other before the wedding, we had to do the brunch in shifts, so I went first with my maids and the he with his men! It was a wonderful brunch!  I had a couple of mimosa's to kinda call my nerves, even though I really wasn't nervous, and had some wonderful brunch food!   

From there, we went and got our hair done, and that was oh so much fun!!!  I loved being about to hang out with my bridesmaids before the wedding in a low key environment.

 Katie, Jenny-Gray, and Michel

I loved my wedding do! 

After that we heading back to the house to do out makeup and get ready to head to the church.  I loved having all my girls with me to get ready!  Upon arriving at the church, it was time for me to get dressed to do a few bridal pictures before it started to rain.  After the almost 30 minutes that it took me to get ready (the buttons took forever :))  I headed out to the front of the church to take a few pictures before the rain started!

After taking some pictures of me, the photographer, Greg, went and took some pictures of Gabe.

After the before pictures it was finally show time!!!!

After taking pictures, we were off to the reception!

 Our First Dance

 Father Daughter Dance 

 The Band!!! Mo'Sol!
 I LOVED all of the orchids and the chinese lantern! 

Cutting the cake!

Bouquet  toss! 
And were off to Jamaica! 

It was an amazing day!!!!! I wish I could do it every saturday, or at least every March 5th!!

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